Since opening its doors in 1882, Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky has only had a handful of visual identities (i.e., logos). But in 2013, CHNK found itself in a “Renaissance” period – complete with new programming, facility renovations, and increased support from the community – and we felt the time was right to launch a new look!

The 2013 edition of CHNK’s visual identity uses a color scheme inspired by the design work of Charlene Erler, owner of C&G Erler Interior Design. Charlene developed a building standard that incorporates the therapeutic colors of nature. Since our main campus is in a park setting, and given the healing nature of our work with abused, neglected, and at-risk youth, the palette choice works on multiple levels. The colors also help distinguish CHNK’s logo from other organizations in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Unique to CHNK is the new artwork – gone are the commonplace blue and white people in silhouette. They’ve been replaced by a modern day coat-of-arms that incorporates elements that speak directly to CHNK’s history in the community and the work we do daily:

Oak Leaf

The oak leaf was inspired by the oak-lined driveway of CHNK’s main campus in Devou Park. The mighty trees convey strength, endurance, permanency, and protection, gifts that our team of bridge builders provides to the clients in our care.

The Pathway

The pathway leading away from the viewer’s eye conveys movement and momentum.  The pathway then shifts into a bridge that separates sky from water. This is a nod of the head to our founder Amos Shinkle, financier of the iconic Suspension Bridge connecting Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. It represents the bridges to better futures that we build for youth and families in crisis.

The Panes

The yellow pane of sunlight above the bridge represents hope and opportunity – two key words in our mission statement. The blue pane below the bridge represents the dark waters in which the youth we serve are often drowning; CHNK’s charge on any given day is to rescue children from forces that rob dignity, respect, and opportunity.

The Window

The window, an architectural element that draws on the numerous window panes throughout our historic, Hannaford & Sons-designed administration building, alludes to the vision of a new reality – a reality where every child is safe, healthy, and loved in a supportive, nurturing environment.