CHNK at a Glance

Mission Header


The mission of CHNK Behavioral Health is to be a trauma-informed healthcare organization focused on creating holistic partnerships for health and wellness that are inclusive, innovative, and inspiring. 



CHNK envisions a community free from adverse environments and childhood experiences that limit hope and opportunity –

a community that is safe, acknowledges human emotion and loss, and empowers future possibilities. 



Non-Violence: We value a safe community that is free from physical, psychological, social, and moral violence.

Democracy: We value active participation and empowerment in the decision-making process.

Growth & Change: We value focusing on the future by setting achievable goals and breaking dysfunctional patterns.

Social Learning: We value collaborative thinking and problem solving to break dysfunctional and repetitive patterns of behavior.

Open Communication: We value a community that tolerates expression of emotions and openly explores interpersonal and organizational issues.

Emotional Intelligence: We value the ability to understand the relationship between our clients’ negative experiences and their emotions and behaviors.

Social Responsibility: We value a community in which people feel a sense of responsibility and care for each other and the group as a whole, and in which people are held accountable for their actions.