Chardonnay & CHNK

Do you love entertaining friends and family in your home? CHNK has a perfect opportunity for you to be social for a cause! We’re looking for bridge builders in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area who are willing to introduce us to their network of friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and other connections through an event we like to call Chardonnay & CHNK.

What is Chardonnay & CHNK?

This micro-event is an intimate gathering in a supporter’s home (typically 12-15 people) that is geared towards raising awareness and funding for CHNK. Ideally, the event is held on a weeknight beginning around 5:30 / 6:00 p.m. and concludes within two hours.

Why does CHNK hold these events?

In recent years, CHNK’s Development Committee determined that CHNK needed a different approach to its events, since two of its major fundraisers were weather-dependent, labor-intensive endeavors. Based on an information sharing session with a Cincinnati non-profit, the CHNK Development Office and Development Committee mutually agreed to coordinate “micro-events” as alternative ways to generate revenue while also raising CHNK’s profile in the community – and without incurring major investments of time, energy, or money!

Ready to schedule your
Chardonnay & CHNK event?
Contact the CHNK Office
for Development
at 859.261.8768 or
[email protected]

I’m interested in hosting! What do I have to do?
You have three main roles in a Chardonnay & CHNK event:

  1. Provide the space.
  2. Provide the guests.
  3. Provide the food and beverage.

We’ve found that the best Chardonnay & CHNK events take place in a person’s home. They don’t have to formal at all (unless you like fancy dinner parties!). Some wine, some cheese, some conversation about CHNK – that’s all that’s needed for a successful shindig! The CHNK Development Office provides all the informational materials and sends a representative of the Home (usually the Development Manager and/or Chief Executive Officer) to talk about CHNK’s work and current needs, and to answer any questions.

Will my guests be asked to make a gift to CHNK?

Yes; each Chardonnay & CHNK event includes as “ask.” That said, it’s not a high-pressure, heavy-handed experience for your guests! We simply ask them to consider a gift to the Home and provide them with donation envelopes.

Do I have to have the event in my home?

A small, intimate (a.k.a. non-business/non-institutional) setting such as your home is preferred, but if you’d rather have your event at a different location or on one of CHNK’s campuses, that can be scheduled too. Please note, you will still be asked to handle the logistics of the event, including food and beverage. The goal for these events is to provide a more cost-effective, efficient endeavor for CHNK than the fundraising events of the past.

What if I’m not a fan of chardonnay?

As Shakespeare would say, “What’s in a name?” Seriously, though, Chardonnay & CHNK really is just a name. We wanted something catchy, and “CHNK Micro-Event” didn’t cut it … but the sky’s the limit for what you call your soirée!

What’s the timeline for hosting an event?

Please schedule your event with the CHNK Development Office as far in advance as possible, to allow for adequate planning and preparation. You can reach the office via email ([email protected]) or by phone at 859.261.8768.