Sanctuary at CHNK

CHNK Behavioral Health uses the internationally recognized Sanctuary® Model as the foundation for all our treatment services, as well as for the support of our employees and agency. The Sanctuary Model originated in the Philadelphia area in the 1980s with the work of Dr. Sandra Bloom and provides a framework for trauma-informed care.

How We Use the Model to Change Clients’ Lives

At its core, Sanctuary promotes safety and recovery from chronic stress and adversity by means of a trauma-informed organization. In order to intervene effectively in a traumatized child’s life, we moved from a position of blame to one of experience. We stop asking, “What’s wrong with this child?” and focus on “What happened to this child?

Sanctuary is the Driving Principle of CHNK

Just as children who suffer chronic stress and adversity find it difficult to cope, the Sanctuary Model recognizes that institutions themselves are equally vulnerable. We make a commitment to train each and every employee in the philosophical underpinnings of Sanctuary. As a result, we have a safer, better functioning organization and have seen improved outcomes for our clients, improved staff retention and satisfaction, and decreased client aggression.

The Seven Commitments

As a trauma-informed organization, CHNK has adopted The Sanctuary Model’s Seven Commitments to facilitate healing from trauma, including commitments to:

  1. Non-Violence
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Democracy
  5. Open Communication
  6. Social Learning
  7. Growth and Change

The S.E.L.F. Framework

S.E.L.F. stands for the categories of problem-solving that make up the Sanctuary Framework: Safety, Emotions, Loss and Future. These categories represent the four dynamic areas of focus for trauma recovery. They help organize conversations and documentation in a simple and accessible language. Using a simple and accessible language, the S.E.L.F. Framework helps us to explore complicated issues in a mindful way and ultimately find solutions to achieve our goals.