Academic Services

Day Treatment

CHNK’s Day Treatment program provides therapeutic, academic services to elementary school age youth in Northern Kentucky. Students in the program struggle to navigate a traditional classroom environment due to mental health barriers. This approach to education creates an environment in which these students can better manage anxiety, impulse control, and other behavioral disorders while still engaging in learning. Services are offered in partnership with Covington Independent Public Schools (CIPS).

On any given day, up to ten (10) elementary school students attend class in a dedicated building on CHNK’s Devou Park campus. A full-time CIPS elementary teacher and teacher’s assistant educate the students using a curriculum that meets Kentucky education standards.

A full-time CHNK therapist, case manager, and treatment specialist complement the academic services with behavioral health services. This includes teaching students the skills needed to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors.


Therapeutic Day School

Launched at the start of the 2014-2015 academic year, CHNK’s award-winning therapeutic day school marries traditional academic services with treatment services for high-risk student populations. Throughout the school day, middle school and high school students have access to individual, group, and recreation therapy, crisis management, addiction treatment, and an onsite licensed medical team.

CHNK operates the school in partnership with Covington Independent Public Schools (CIPS); CHNK’s Devou Park location serves as the school’s unique campus. The school includes eight classrooms, multiple academic and treatment offices, a computer lab, a media room/library, and a student learning kitchen. Students are taught the same curriculum that they would be taught in a traditional school environment, just at a different pace. The length of time a student participates varies; some students successfully reintegrate into their home school within 6 to 8 weeks, while others require a longer participation period.

Some of CHNK’s clients in residential care also attend the therapeutic day school via two self-contained classrooms. In addition to CIPS teachers in their classrooms, CHNK employs two school liaisons (one in each of the two classrooms) who can directly and immediately assist with any behavioral issues that may occur.

For three consecutive years, the therapeutic day school has been recognized by the Kentucky Board of Education as an “Alternative Program of Distinction.”