Mission, Vision & Values

CHNK Behavioral Health continues its evolution of service to community from its humble beginnings as an orphanage to the premiere health care organization it is today. With clarity of mission, vision, and values, our people drive commitment to excellence in care, our places reflect the integrity of the clients we serve, and our programs provide the flexibility to meet individual needs. 


CHNK Behavioral Health is a trauma-informed healthcare organization focused on creating holistic partnerships for health and wellness that are inclusive, innovative, and inspiring. 


At CHNK Behavioral Health, we envision a community free from adverse environments and childhood experiences that limit hope and opportunity – a community that is safe, acknowledges human emotion and loss, and empowers future possibilities.



We value a safe community that is free from physical, psychological, social, and moral violence.


We value active participation and empowerment in the decision-making process.

Growth & Change

We value focusing on the future by setting achievable goals and breaking dysfunctional patterns.

Social Learning

We value collaborative thinking and problem solving to break dysfunctional and repetitive patterns of behavior.

Open Communication

We value a community that tolerates expression of emotions and openly explores interpersonal and organizational issues.

Emotional Intelligence

We value the ability to understand the relationship between our clients’ negative experiences and their emotions and behaviors.

Social Responsibility

We value a community in which people feel a sense of responsibility and care for each other and the group as a whole, and in which people are held accountable for their actions.

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