Psychiatric Residential Treatment

CHNK Behavioral Health is licensed as a 24/7 psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF); we are currently the only behavioral healthcare organization licensed as a PRTF in the Northern Bluegrass region of Kentucky. Psychiatric residential care is one step below acute hospitalization and provides intensive treatment around issues like aggression, sexualized behaviors, trauma, suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, anxiety, and depression.

Program Overview

When to consider Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Youth who continue to grapple with mental health issues despite treatment interventions such as Outpatient Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programming and Acute Care, may benefit from Psychiatric Residential Treatment.  

What to expect

Academic support is provided onsite in collaboration with School Partners. Clients have access to weekly psychiatric consultations if needed to modify medications. They also receive weekly individual and family therapy to support stabilization. Recreation therapy is also an important part of our treatment approach, since “playing with purpose” can engage clients in ways that traditional therapy cannot.  

Visitation is an important component of the program so that we can assist clients in practicing returning home and having safe interactions with family members. Each family is assigned a case manager to support coordinating the client’s care. From medical visits to school performance to therapeutic interventions, the case manager acts as a support in navigating the overall care experience and ensuring client success and family participation in treatment.

Who is eligible?

Children and teens aged 7-14 are eligible for the psychiatric residential treatment program. 

Who will be working with me/my family?

The PRTF treatment team includes our Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist, licensed professional counselors (LPCA, LPCC) and clinical social workers (CSW, LCSW). Clients also receive case management services and behavior support from our direct care associates. 

Where does treatment take place?

We offer residential services on our Devou Park campus in Covington, KY (Kenton County) and our Burlington, KY campus (Boone County). 

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment varies by client and their specific needs/progress, but the average is 30 - 90 days.

For more information about the psychiatric residential care offered at CHNK, please contact our care team.

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Psychiatric Residential Treatment is just one step on an easier path to mental health.

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