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An Easier Path to Mental Health

Full service mental health care when and where you need it.


Built Around You

CHNK takes a tailored approach to care per individual client based on their psychosocial needs, scheduling availability, and presenting concerns. We offer various levels of support available for all age groups.

Where You Need Us

With treatment available in our offices, in your home or school, or via Telehealth, we’re always available wherever you need us.

Safe For Everyone

We believe in an inclusive, innovative, and inspiring environment that is accepting of all identities. We have earned the All Children—All Families distinction for supporting and serving LGBTQ youth.

A Clear Path at Every Age

CHNK provides a wide selection of mental health services that make up everyone’s individual path. We will work with you to choose the right combination, including:

Personalized Treatment for Better Results

CHNK’s team of healthcare professionals specialize in various evidence-based practices that have been proven to promote positive client outcomes. Each allows for flexibility to meet your individual treatment needs while ensuring consistency and quality of care.

What we Treat

Outcomes that Change Lives

Helping each individual and family achieve improved mental and emotional wellness is paramount to all we do.  In our most recent survey: 95% of respondents were satisfied with both the quality-of-service delivery and effectiveness of services. 

“I am so incredibly thankful for CHNK, and everyone involved in my child’s treatment. My son is enjoying his life now, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”


“My experience with the staff was exceptional! They are the most positive understanding friendly people that I have been exposed to in a very long time.”


“Everything was excellent for the youth I had placed there. Every staff member was supportive of their pronouns and supportive in their mental health treatment.”

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