Day Treatment

In partnership with select Northern Kentucky school districts, CHNK offers comprehensive therapeutic and academic care for high risk elementary, middle school, & high school age youth, providing an environment in which students can better manage anxiety, emotions, problematic behavior, and mental illness while still engaging in learning.

Program Overview

When to consider Day Treatment

Day Treatment may be right for School-Age Youth who find the traditional classroom setting difficult, despite other academic and therapeutic interventions. Day Treatment offers youth the opportunity to learn and utilize skills to maintain functioning in the school setting.  

What to expect

CHNK's Day Treatment program provides a unique, holistic classroom setting in which school age youth who struggle to navigate a traditional classroom environment receive comprehensive therapeutic and academic care. This particular approach to education helps students better manage anxiety, aggression, impulse control, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, lagging social skills, and other issues that are the result of mental health disorders and/or trauma.

Students receive 4 hours of therapy each school day, including behavior modification – a therapeutic approach designed to change undesirable negative behaviors.

Who is eligible?

School-age youth in participating Northern Kentucky school districts are eligible to participate in the day treatment program. Typically, a client is referred into the program by their “school of origin.”

Who will be working with me/my family?

Our team is comprised of licensed professional counselors (LPCA, LPCC) and clinical social workers (CSW, LCSW), as well as treatment specialists. Our treatment team works in partnership with the participating school district’s academic staff. Families participating in the day treatment program also have access to our targeted case managers, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner and family therapy services (if needed). 

Where does treatment take place?

Treatment typically takes place in our partner schools in Northern Kentucky.

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment varies by client and their specific needs/progress, but the average length of engagement in the program is 3-4 months. We designed the program in collaboration with our school partners to ensure clients are able to rejoin their “traditional” classroom environment as quickly as possible upon completion of the program.

For more information about the Day Treatment program offered at CHNK, please contact our care team.

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Day Treatment is just one step on an easier path to mental health.

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