Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at CHNK Behavioral Health provides quality outpatient care for adults aged 18 and older who have been diagnosed with a significant mental illness and/or substance use disorder. Our treatment team is comprised of an advanced practice registered nurse, a board-certified psychiatrist, and licensed therapists. We use a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) informed approach to guide the program’s structure. Our trauma-informed approach to care creates a treatment environment that is safe, acknowledges human emotion and loss, and empowers future possibilities.

Program Overview

When to consider PHP

Individuals struggling with mental illness and/or a substance use disorder, and may require a structured treatment program outside of inpatient care, may benefit from PHP.  

What to expect

Treatment takes place 5 days a week – Monday through Friday – for 4 hours each day.  A typical day may include individual therapy, group therapy, skill-building, and medication management (if needed). Each client has an individualized treatment plan that is unique to their specific needs and developed in partnership with our treatment team. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible for the Partial Hospitalization Program. 

Who will be working with me/my family?

Our team is comprised of licensed professional counselors (LPCA, LPCC) and clinical social workers (CSW, LCSW). Some clients may also benefit from medication management provided by our in-house Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or from assistance that can be provided by one of our targeted case managers

Where does treatment take place?

Partial Hospitalization Programming takes place at our Outpatient Office. 

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment varies by client and their specific needs/progress, but the average length of engagement in the program is typically 4-6 weeks. 

For more information about the Partial Hospitalization Program at CHNK, please contact our care team.

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