Targeted Case Management

CHNK offers Targeted Case Management (TCM) as part of our robust continuum of care for individuals and families in need of mental health and addiction services. Many times, a client receiving therapeutic care from CHNK might also benefit from access to social, educational, or medical services. A targeted case manager helps connect the client (and their family) to these services by working with the client and their therapist to develop an individualized care plan. The case manager also monitors progress and collaborates with other community providers to help each client achieve their personalized care plan goals.

Program Overview

When to consider Targeted Case Management

Individuals in need of access and connection to community resources to support their mental health and/or substance use issues may benefit from Targeted Case Management.  

What to expect

CHNK is dedicated to removing barriers to treatment. Your assigned case manager will meet you wherever is most convenient and comfortable for you and your family – in your home or office, at one of CHNK’s three locations in Northern Kentucky, or via telehealth. Based on your unique needs, your case manager will meet with you several times per month, usually for about three months; these sessions are to help you progress towards achieving the goals in your care plan. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone – regardless of age – is eligible for TCM if they have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or they are receiving therapeutic care for a mental health need. Medicaid typically covers this type of care. 

Who will be working with me/my family?

CHNK’s team of certified case managers specializes in working with clients who have mental health, substance use, and/or chronic co-occurring disorders. The team is supported by a program manager and clinical supervisor. 

Where does treatment take place?

Targeted Case Management services can take place at our Outpatient Office, in the home, or in one of our partnering NKY schools.  

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment varies by client and is based on specific individual/family needs, but is typically 3-6 months.

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What are some examples of the services a targeted case manager provides?

Our case managers strive to help patients access all the services needed to meet the goals outlined in their care plans. Based on your specific needs, this may include:

  • Acting as a school liaison, such as joining you for Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and safety meetings

  • Connecting you to community resources that can assist with food, clothing, and shelter needs

  • Supporting your search for employment, including assistance with building a resume, completing applications, and preparing for job interviews

  • Helping with transportation needs

  • Helping to find and keep housing

  • Making referrals for needed medical, dental, and psychiatric services

  • Crisis planning

Targeted Case Management is just one step on an easier path to mental health.

At CHNK Behavioral Health, we are committed to creating an easier path to mental health by offering a wide array of treatment options. All services begin with the completion of a Comprehensive Assessment, where a Licensed Professional will work collaboratively with you to identify treatment service(s) that are tailored to the specific needs of you or your child/family. 

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